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Food Allergies: When Food Becomes the Enemy

Food Allergies: When Food Becomes the Enemy en
Millions of children in the world suffer from food allergies, and those numbers are growing quickly every day.

For the children that have food allergies, it's something that they always have to think about, especially when they are spending time with friends or family outside of their home, or at school. Even the smallest taste of something as simple as a nut topping on a scoop of ice cream can be dangerous, even fatal. Some of the most common food allergies among children include the following foods:

  • wheat
  • soy
  • seafood (especially shrimp)
  • peanuts and other nuts
  • eggs
  • milk, usually cow's milk


Especially when your child is very young and can't participate in making sure they don't eat the foods that he/she is allergic to, special care should be taken when they are in the care of other adults. There are simple steps that you can take to make sure that all of the adults in your child's life are aware of the food allergy, and how important it is to make sure that your child avoids that particular food.

Make sure that some of your child's belongings (such as backpack or lunch box) are labeled with the type of food allergy that they have, potential allergic reactions, and your contact information. When your child is school-age and is able to read, you can use labels to help remind him or her of the foods that they need to avoid. Even at home, you can use labels to help your child make the right food choices, especially if other people in your home eat the foods that your child should avoid.

Managing your child's food allergies can sometimes provide difficult, but with a little preparation and planning, along with some great labeling solutions, it is very manageable.



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