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Oh… The Books you’ll read!!!

Oh… The Books you’ll read!!! en
When I think of my childhood, I think of all the books I read and the impact it has made on my personality.

Every book is special in its own way. I have provided the same reading atmosphere to my kids as well. They love reading and I love it when they are immersed in books. The imaginations is sky- rocketed when the kid reads.

I have created a small space in their room which is their personal reading corner. My son loves to spend hours at this corner of the room. I made sure the reading corner is well-lit for their young eyes. This reading corner is their solace and they love spending time in that corner. Having a reading space of their own enhances their interest in learning. And we all know, there is no limit of learning.

I am sharing a picture of my son when he is enjoying this new book –"The rainbow machine".

Below are few other styles of reading corners

"When I read, I think big."

"The Magic L Corner in my room with my favorite books".

"A book and a dream is all I want, in my reading fairy corner."

"All aboard for the reading station!!"



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