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De-clutter and organize your studio apartment

De-clutter and organize your studio apartment en
The idea of having a studio apartments is always to have a space which is small and cute.

Usually when people move-in their studio apartment, they try to keep it nice and clean. But as time progresses, the studio apartment gets cluttered and filled up with all the extra stuff. Eventually, it leads to a claustrophobic environment. If you are also in the same boat where your studio apartment is more claustrophobic than cute, then below are few budget-friendly ideas to make your space create the illusion of space without having to make you move to a bigger place.

Start Cleaning and De-cluttering:

Make sure to clean your apartment periodically to let go of the stuff you haven't been using for a while. It is said, any clothing which you have not worn from a year, it is very less likely, that you will ever wear it. Donate or get rid of your extra stuff which is a clutter in your apartment.

Don't buy large furniture:

Large furniture is always a hassle. Large furniture will always make your room look small. Get small and cozy furniture which goes perfect with your cozy studio apartment. Try to buy furniture which serves more than one purpose, like buying an ottoman which when needed can double up to sit.

Add mirrors to your room:

Adding mirror will make your room look bigger and is a great way to reflect light. Mirrors can be purchased from discount stores or flea market to keep you in budget.

Re-arrange your furniture:

Re-arranging your furniture periodically will always keep your room fresh. You can figure out the layout you like the best which makes your room look bigger and better. Try setting up the furniture at an angle which will create a sizable illusion.

Avoid dark colors:

If you don't want to go for whites, try light shades for walls and moldings. Natural light will be reflected perfectly within lighter shades making your room look big and bright.

Get creative with storage:

A lot of beautiful and useful items are available in the stores which helps you store your items creatively and smartly. Use decorative baskets, furniture with built-in storage and under-the-bed bins to minimize your clutter and organize your items.



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