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Colors for kid’s room

Colors for kid’s room en
Isn't the childhood the most vibrant time of our life?

Recently, I thought of re-doing the colors of my kid's room and I kept their vibrant nature in mind while choosing the room color for them. I wanted the room color to be bright and at the same time inspirational. I also wanted them to connect with the room color and grow with them. These days, kids spent most of their time in their rooms –either playing or reading. I have decided that I will color and decorate their room which inspire them and leave a memorable imprint in their minds while growing up.

I am sharing a few room colors and decorating tips here.

1. Light Blue color

Paint the walls blue and try matching it with yellow stool, a few checkered pillows and throws.

2. Pink color

Which girl doesn't want a pink room? Try coloring the walls pink and decorate it with a few flower vases, a lighter shade rug and wooden table set.

3. Blue color

This one is my personal favorite. With the blue walls, a contrast red colored book shelf or a wall hanging always looks great. Try putting a brown earth colored rugs and any bright colored shelf and chairs. Your kid's room will look perfect.

4. Yellow color

Another great choice for the kid's room is yellow. This color is bright and the room will always look well-lit because of the color. A Blue rug with a mix and match of pillow colors will make the room beautiful.

5. Green color

Painting the room green and let the lamps hang through the ceiling. Try decorating it with purple or brown colors. This gives the room a great contrast. Try matching the colors of the rug with the lamps or wall art.


I hope you and your kids enjoy their new rooms. ☺


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