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Why the World Would Be A Better Place...

Why the World Would Be A Better Place... en
Why the World Would Be A Better Place If a Mom Was In Charge

“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the World.“

Above lines that are taken from a great poem composed by William Ross Wallace entitled 'What Rules the World', illustrate the greatness of Mother. A Mother is treated like an employ that has to wake up early in the morning, who works 24/7 hours a day straight for 365 days a year and barely gets a decent sleep yet she doesn’t complain a word against her child. She becomes so intelligent that she understands her child thoughts, even if the child doesn’t utter a word.

A mother has been awarded with the special gift of strong intuition, she already knows what’s best for her child, how her child will excel in his future, what’s wrong or right about her child. She has this amazing power of understanding the un-spoken words and seeing the unseen wounds of her child.

So what if a Mother starts ruling the World?


Improved Security: No matter what age you are, you always feel secure in the arms of your Mother. What secure place can you find on earth other than your Mother’s arms?? Moms always make things just perfect for her children, a warm hug from mom wipes out all the pain and insecurities. So how a nation would feel if it is hugged by a Mother?

No Starvation: There is no Mother on this planet who would be willing to see his child starve out of hunger. So what if a nation is ruled by a mom? Off-course she will never  want any of the child of nation to starve out of hunger. She would make everything just perfect for the nation.

More Manners: We learn our basic education of manners from our moms. Mother is our first teacher to teach moral education. Can you imagine what would be the moral condition if a Mother rules a nation? Streets will be flooded away with “thank you” , ”sorry” and ”excuse me” words. Everyone will wait in lines without losing temper. Everyone will have strict bed timings. And hence  a happy nation. 

A Mother can see unseen wounds, and feel the hidden pain... 

Marianna K.


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