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Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids en
Traveling is a life fun experience, right? With kids, on the other hand, well...

It could be just as fun if you know how to handle every situation that comes along as a knowledgeable and patient parent that you are. As a mother of two, I've learned by traveling with my husband and our two small boys that there are things you should plan in advance when traveling with kids. However, don't panic and don't cancel your vacation right now because of the too much worrying. I will share with you a few tips and tricks that might come handy to any parents who believe are ready to travel with their kids from now on.

Of course, if you've already had some experience of this sort and it turned out to be a big mess, maybe you can improve a bit here and there, and not despair. As I was saying, my husband and I have two young boys and we've started traveling together since they were very young. 




We travel a lot to Canada by plane, which is an 11 hour flight and to Switzerland for vacation, an 8 hour drive at least. And then we go to Italy and Germany whenever we have the time to have a short vacation. Kids on plane. Let's start with this. If there's one thing you don't want is your kids nagging, screaming, crying and misbehaving while 11000 feet in the air and no option to send them to their separate rooms. Especially on an 11 hour flight to another continent. Well, there's one big rule that me and my husband have: keep the kids occupied. Bring books, computers, create games that imply lots of silence on everyone's part and pray to God they eventually fall asleep. Yeah, that could work too. Then don't forget to pack some healthy snacks so they have something to feed their bellies whenever they feel hungry. This applies when traveling by car also. And it's even easier since these days kids love smart technology and spend hours on end on an iPad mini. What else? Worry less and just enjoy more of the experience itself. In the end, you have these amazing and adventures together some other and exciting part of this world that you explore together. Keep your kids busy, pack healthy snacks for the road, listen to music and sing along together (well, not in a plane, though), stop for the spectacular views and just enjoy your ride.




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