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Time with friends after you become parents …

Time with friends after you become parents … en
Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing for sure—but unfortunately, it comes with a few "sacrifices" now that our newcomer family members are entering our space and take over our time.

Many parents find it hard to find time for themselves or socializing with others and this is natural—after all, children demand our full undivided attention right? Well, for the most part, it's a yes, but, this doesn't necessarily mean that we should leave some other important things in our lives behind. Spending some quality time with friends for example shouldn't be neglected. Of course this is challenging, especially if your friends do not have any kids and you do... you might find now that all things you had in common will suddenly vanish and you are at different wavelength. This is inevitable, but there some things you could do to balance things out.

You could try for example leaving the kids at their grandparents (or nannies if you prefer) and find a neutral place e.g. a restaurant to enjoy a meal and some friendly chat. Of course this is something that won't happen too frequently since you may have not much time but, leaving the kids to others so you can finally meet with your friends doesn't hurt every now and then. Just make sure you don't mention your kids all the time, your friends will probably find the topic too boring and you may sound "pathetic". Show them that you are really interested in their lives and don't expect them to agree with everything you have to say, and your new life of course.

On the other hand, thing will be much easier if your friends have kids, especially if they are the same age as you. In this case, you can all go out in the park with your kids, at a mall or some other place that is ideal for the whole family. That way you will be able to stay in touch with your friends, without feeling guilty that you have neglected your kids. And most probably, you will find much in common...


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