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Things you miss when you’re a mom

Things you miss when you’re a mom en
When I became a mother, I was overwhelmed with happiness. My boys are my pride and joy!

But there are a lot of things you will miss of your life before you had children. Let me point out a few.


1. Extreme weekends and crazy holidays

I always loved the weekends, resting from a week of hard work. Long brunches, sleeping for days, parties during the weekends. These are all things that aren't possible anymore. Also, you can't enjoy your holiday in the same way. No more inappropriate bikini's, drinking cocktails all day by the pool and maybe even no holiday by plane. Children will give another side to this. Wiping sand off their faces, building sandcastles and jumping waves in the sea. Maybe if you'd bring them to the kids entertainment, you could have a old school holiday, even just for one day.

2. Bathroom privacy

No more long hot baths, alone or with your husband. No more long showers. No more enjoying your time of rest on the toilet. All these things will disappear when you're a mom. You'll be happy if you can take a shower twice a day.

3. Long phone calls

Remember those times when you were talking on the phone for ages with your best friend? Well, do they exist anymore? I think not. When you have two kids running around the house, you can't be on the phone for such a long time without being interrupted. One of them fell down and the other is running around you. Enjoy those phone calls while you can.

4. Me-time!

Just being reckless for yourself, relaxing all day or going to a spa. After having kids you will never take free time for granted again.

5. Not feeling tired

When you have to kids running round, you'll be missing sleep and be running around all day. Pure happiness is what you feel when you can go to bed straightaway if the kids are in bed.

6. Feeling light-hearted

You'll always be worrying about every member in your family, are the kids okay? Remember the times that you felt completely free and the only one you'd have to care about was yourself. These times are over, but you'll get a lot of love in return.

7. A clean house

Finger-painting, eating, running around. Need I say more? Your house will never be as clean again.

8. Money to burn

Having kids brings a lot of pro's with it, but also some con's. Such as they cost a lot of money. No more impulsive shopping. You'll have to save money because those cute little babies need clothes, education, weddings, etc. Start saving today!

9. Going out -anywhere- will never be the same

You can't just pack your bags and go. You have to think about a lot of things. Fresh set of baby clothes, diapers, wipes, all these things you'll have to carry around.

10. Silence

Maybe you hate silence. You can feel lonely with silence. But when you have kids, you desire some silence once and awhile.

We all love our kids to bits, but doesn't this sound familiar?



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