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Motherhood-The exigent and exhilarating transition from existence to life

Motherhood-The exigent and exhilarating transition from existence to life en
Every complicated machine comes with an instruction booklet and every complex job has a training session.

The human body and mind is an intricate machine and motherhood is a complex and unforgiving job. Neither do we come with a manual to effectively tackle our body issues not are we blessed with a training session to handle one of the toughest jobs on the planet. The moment you announce that you are on your way to starting a family is the moment you realize that you need help. 

The problem though is that well, there is help and there is too much help! Scores of advices from people known and unknown not to mention the millions of books, websites and articles that tell how you need to change and what you need to do to be awarded the "greatest mum on earth" prize, float around you endlessly. From the time you change diapers to the day your children fly the coop, you are inundated with warnings that scare you and suggestions that baffle you. As a mum of two lovely boys (aged 7 & 4), am not here to append myself to that list but what I do intend to tell you is that, there can never be a wrong way to do something right or a right way to do something wrong!

Life is a series of awakenings

No mistakes, no experience and no experience, no wisdom. This is not to say that you have to learn everything from doing something wrong but to tell you to know and accept mistakes and gather enough knowledge from them to sharpen your brain to tackle situations if they were to occur again. Advices and guidelines need not be thrown away but what we should remember is that standard conventions simply do not work for us mothers! Our kids, with their vibrant personalities are sure to teach us a thing or two about life and how to handle all its challenges. Sometimes we surprise ourselves by tackling situations in ways that are at variance to our basic qualities. This proves only one thing; our experience was, is and will always be our finest guide. It is therefore not necessary to fret over your inability to conform to the advices you receive or the rules and regulations set by experts for a perfect motherhood. From your IQ to your EQ, motherhood lets you grow, once more!

Rose with thorns

Sleep deprivation, dietary changes, career adjustments, alterations in physical attributes, variations in health, the list is probably endless, from pregnancy to later life, a mother undergoes more changes than anyone can possibly imagine. Physical to psychological the transformations are 

so many that it is not viable to find enough help to counter them. The kind of family you dream of building might not always materialize but life and children are unpredictable, aren't they? It is this unpredictability that makes life so challenging and yet so interesting. Your career aspirations might be put to test but no good thing in life comes without a price. Challenging, certainly yes! Yet there are a lot of ways to put together a life that accommodates your individual aspirations and those of your children. Single mothers especially face a lot of heat but occasionally taking quality "me time" works exceptionally well to tackle motherhood because women are ultimately capable of great acumen and instincts. External support is necessary but not always effective. Your inner core is where you are certain to find the answers to all your problems. Every single day with children is a special gift that is to be unwrapped carefully! You will be surprised but it is all worth it as a small act or a single smile from your child is sure to brighten the rainiest of days! After all, if you decide to be happy & content, who can stop you?!



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