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Lego party ideas!

Lego party ideas! en
From the movie to the toys, Legos are increasingly popular among kids today, especially amongst my two boys.

Their bright colors and the creativity that can be expressed through them just so happen to make them perfect for planning a Lego party. If you are planning a Lego themed party, here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your festivities.

Food: A Lego cake, cupcakes, or cake pops are a fun and delicious way to carry the theme through. Carry the theme through by having your child build a block out of their Legos with a hole in the middle and use it to stand utensils up in it. Dress up juice boxes by wrapping them in solid, primary colored paper and add six Lego circles to the front.

Decorations: Use Legos to decorate in all types of creative ways. Take advantage of large Lego boards and use smaller Legos to post the birthday child's age, name, or let them make their favorite Lego character.



Party favors: Solid-colored paper, handled bags can quickly be turned into Legos with the simple addition of six circles glued onto one side. Have square shaped sugar cookies prepared and allow guests to decorate their cookies to look like Lego pieces and you can bag them and send them home with guests as an edible favor. 

Enjoy your Lego party!

Marianna :)


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