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A Day of Yes

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When I thought of writing a blog about ' A Day of Yes' , the first thing which popped in my mind was the Jim Carrey starrer 'Yes Man'

...where he promised himself to say 'Yes' to everything which comes his way for a day and see where his life takes him. Well, I am hoping a day of 'Yes' will not change the course of your life but might change the course of my day, hoping in a better way.

As a mom of 2 boys, I can't say 'Yes' to all their funny and non-realistic requests. Sometimes I end up frustrating myself and the boys by saying 'No' the whole day. So, I decided how about I play the 'Yes' game with me and see how the day goes without telling my kids what's in-store for them.

The day starts with-

a) Mom, can I do the iPad?

    Mum's regular answer is No, not right now.

    But today- Yes, tell me how long you want to watch it?

    "For 30 mins". Comes the answer.

    "Sure". I said.

OK, that went pretty well. Uff.

Here comes another one:

b) Mom can we buy this candy?

    This was a big one for the regular day Mom as the answer is always 'No'.

    But today- After a long pause- Yes, which candy do you want to buy?

    "This one".

    "I don't think this will be a good choice. Why don't we buy that organic German chocolate with the     Biscotti? That looks good."

    "Yay". Kids shouted

    "No shouting... Oops. I know you guys are happy but we save our shouting play sound for the home.

    " That went good.

Well, the day passed by with all these experiences. We all survived the day with few mindful 'Yes's. Hoping this can go on for a while until my kids know the game I am playing.

Until then...Yes Man.


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