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10 Tips for Surviving Your Kids...

10 Tips for Surviving Your Kids... en
10 Tips for Surviving Your Kids First Sleep Away Camp

Summers have arrived and so has the time of sending your young one to first sleep away camp. This tends to be quite an event for many parents. How your little one would cope with everything on his own? and You? Here are few helpful tips for you to make this easier for you:

Selecting a Camp:

You are available with countless camps options from co-ed to single sex, from closer to home to far from home etc. Decide together with your child and decide on the top musts. Visit some of them and most importantly trust your gut.




1.    Start Practice with Sleepover:

If your child has not ever spent a night away from home, you could make him start by scheduling a sleepover party at a good friend’s place or even with a relative he has not stayed with before this. This will make him feel comfortable about staying overnight in unfamiliar surroundings. Remember do not pick him if he calls!

2.    List Essentials:

Make a list of some essentials but don’t go overboard with it. Include few luxuries like new socks etc. It would certainly make your kid feel prepared. A Hand-held water misting fan would surely be an ice breaker on a hot day at camp.

3.    Honest Talk:

Now let us talk about some honest expectations. Have a talk with your little camper. Do not set expectation in his mind that he will love the camp. Tell him that he will have to adjust a bit and feel homesick is completely normal.

4.    Keep Goodbyes Short:

After dropping him off, keep your goodbyes sweet and short. Do NOT cry or get emotional. If you cry your child would feel guilty for leaving you alone. Tell him to have fun, write to you but do NOT say that you will come to get him if he wants.

5.    Don’t Fret:

You need to calm down and avoid sweating things like showers, SPF, hair brushing and nails etc. Camp moms/directors will take care of that.

6.    They Will Get Thin But They AREEating:

Kids indulge in so many physical activities and especially running all day long so they do lose weight. You don’t have to worry about it if your child does not eat, you will be informed.

7.    No Inspection:

This tip is more like a rule, camp bathrooms cubbies are gross and dirty so make sure you do not inspect it.

8.    Leave Quick:

When you drop off your child, make sure that you leave fast. When you are about to leave, grab your kid and bunkmate and say your goodbye hug near the bunk. Look back once.

9.    Letters:

Kids love to write letters home from sleep away camps. Make sure you pack some stationery and stamped envelopes with the stuff. Now your letters should have questions but do not make them feel as if they are missing out on something, let them know you are glad for them to have this amazing experience.

10. Be Supportive:

Now it is difficult to send your young one but it is important that you be supportive whether its him who wants to go to camp or its your choice. Summer camps are amazing for children to make friends and grown emotionally and socially. 



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